Parkinson Associates boast over 20 years sales and marketing management experience in the diesel engine and power generation industries.

We specialise in Market Research and have both produced and received many reports  all of which have the inherent problem of being history as soon as they are printed.

Parkinson Associates have addressed this problem by developing Genstat, a series of databases which bi-annually monitor the market size for industrial products world-wide.

Genstat Market Size Databases allow users to regularly track their market share and that of their competitors in 200 countries.
Parkinson Associates principle database is:

Genstat Gensets the definitive Diesel Generating Set Market Size Database.

Other databases under development include:

Genstat Diesel Engines Consumption Database
Genstat AC Generators Consumption Database

We do however still recognize the need for bespoke diesel engine and generating market research which is provided by our sister company Probe Marketing.

To learn more about Genstat or bespoke market research services click on the links provided.